Madonna lilies
afloat in the night ocean
drinking star glint
their perfume wafts ashore
corrugating our dreams

a house sparrow
chirruping suddenly,
I see nothing but
forsythia blossoms

coralline lips
reveal niveous, bleached teeth
gleaming at dusk
her salty seashore smile
twists into a maybe

crumbling snowflakes
chill the southern air masses
I close the window
dispelling the budding frost
roasted chestnuts on my desk

dark, restless clouds
the summer rain’s soft smell
soothes my febrile head
tender as your slender hands
that once wouldn’t let go of mine

fractal green
her eyes beneath the shade
of a cherry tree
the now withered blossoms
replaced by sprouting leaves

seething veils of snow
hide the city’s grey façades
amidst crumbling light
I bite into a meat pie
ice crystals melt on its crust

standing at the shore
my breath rises and falls with the waves
cold winds batter my coat
ice flakes sink into the water
the darkness beneath calms my heart

grey clouds
tinged sulphur yellow
frantic rain
turns into snowflakes
under boreal gusts