glistening butterfly wings
unfold in a Chinese mountain forest
the thunderstorm has passed
yet as the butterfly flutters
and soars into the sky
a reflection becomes visible
in one of the scales
the image of a distant tempest
is mirrored and mirrored again
by the myriad of scales
that reflect each other
until the imago lands again
and shakes the storm off its wings

beneath the winds of Europa
her photino smile
fragments the stars
twice-broken ice
quivers and murmurs
until the ocean in her body
synchronizes its tides
with the oceans beyond

her kiss sublimates
in a summery thundershower
the raindrops’ patter
on the pavilion’s glass roof
and the surrounding shrubs
rises with the humidity
that glistens on tanned skin
and becomes our heartbeat
but a hollow thunderclap
sparks a chilly draft
that fills the pavilion
with emptiness and whispers
of fireside embraces
and we part silently
yet our heartbeats
remain interchanged
while the petrichor rain
drenches this city
in crystalline light

polar light
combs her hair
glacial teeth
bite into stellar remnants
winter has come
and gloved her fingers
the glint of ice
crystallizes in her irises
boreal winds
are awakened underneath
her cherry breath

tomorrow morning’s portent
hides beneath her tongue
a sip from the waterfall
pushes it deeper inside
her palpitating heart
finally fractures
and her words
at night

Tokyo Bay, tonight
the water weighs heavily
on the sea floor

once in a while
a wave divulges a sigh
from the bathypelagic

on the beach
I retrace my footsteps

the wave rejoins
its myriad siblings
in the deep

what remains
is only the moon glint
on wet sand

east of the oak tree
a field of tulips
stretches into the distance
sweet morning dew
glistens on pastel petals
shreds of mist
hang above crisp leaves
tinged by the night
that lingers

twelve hours apart
I lie awake in bed
while she eats lunch
and my insomnia
turns into hunger

the ocean grows deeper
every day we’re apart
its ink-black depths
stain the cirrocumuli
overhead at high noon

when I eat dinner
she remains asleep
for another moment
her tender smile
bedded on cushions

the faint fissures
in our skin deepen
while the tides
imperceptibly erode
our restlessness

glagolitic light
punctures the clouds
morning rain
dissipates quietly
while I sit in my suit
and wait for a glimpse
of the far side
of the vernal half moon